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Laser emit high levels of concentrated energy and like other energy sources when managed appropriately they are safe. A risk assessment shall be applied before the placement of a laser into the workplace and this document will require consultation on training, operational procedures, PPE and the working environment.

Under Australian and international regulations Fibre Pulse Lasers that emit a beam capable of ablation are classified as Class 4 Lasers - high power devices that can cause both eye and skin burns. The beam may also be a fire hazard. 

Lasers can be used in sealed or at open-air facilities with the main risk being ventilation, energy contact and the risk of external parties being exposed to bright light. These can all be controlled the same way that welding in the workplace is safely managed through extraction or forced ventilation, access control and shielding supported by effective signage and PPE.

Laser Technologies can supply all the specialised PPE required to ensure the safe & compliant operation of your Fibre Laser Cleaning Machines. 



Laser Technologies has worked with the Radiation Council of Australia to develop Australia’s first industrial laser safety course which was launched in August 2020. We are currently the sole provider of this course. This nationally accredited training is provided with the initial purchase of a unit and regular training can be scheduled for new employees at a training center or at your place of work.

Once achieved, this certification does not have an expiry date, persons holding this license must be able to demonstrate competency in laser safety prior to operation.

Laser Technology is able to provide consultancy to assist in the safe implementation of laser cleaning at the work place, this may include;

  • Application for workplace laser registration

  • Workplace preparation and infrastructure for laser use.

  • PPE selection and operational procedures for the safe operation at a specific workplace.

  • Risk assessments and safe work method statements for contracts or tender processes.


The Australian Standard for Laser use in the Building and Construction Industry is AS 2397:2015


The international standard for laser classification is IEC 60825-1


Federal government information regarding laser safety can be found via ARPANSA


Access state and territory information relating to laser regulation via Safe Work

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